Thursday, March 3, 2011

6 weeks, being sick and gross weather

The little girlie and I have been held up in our house with some sort of sickness.  I thankfully am feeling a little better today!  All thanks to taking tons of vitamin C, works every time!  Ruby seems to still be feeling a little under the weather.  She is really clingy and wants to nurse a lot.  I think she might also be growing!  She is six weeks old today, I can't believe it.  
The weather has been anything but pleasant.  Eighty-five mile an hour wind gusts and negative temperatures with the wind chill.  The only good thing to come of this weather is a clear sky and sunshine to be enjoyed behind the windows in our living room.  Also the clear sky provides beautiful sunsets...


Dan said...

Glad my girls are getting better.

happy owl erin said...

I know, it's freezing an horrible out!!