Sunday, March 27, 2011

strollers and sunshine!!

 Today it was beautiful and in the 50s so after church Dan, my dad, Dans mom and sister and I went for a stroll downtown with the dogs.  My dad recently bought me a stroller online and it is the same one Hannah has for her kids.  Mine is not here yet so Hannah let me tests hers out!  It was Ruby's first stroller ride ever and she seemed to like it!!
 We walked on the docks and then made our way through town up to Rainbow Foods.  We all got frozen fruit pops, accept my dad he got a bunch of carrots, and ate them in the sunshine.
 Once we finally got home Ruby was starving so i nursed her and change her diaper!
Which she was super thankful for!!


Deanna said...

i love how your dad has a bunch of carrots at the end. that made me smile.

happy owl erin said...

We got frozen yogurt and headed out to Thane. Can't resist on beautiful days like this. Love that your dad got carrots, hilarious!!

Dan said...

So much fun!