Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last night...

Ruby only woke up twice!!!!
I know, I know I am not going to get all super duper crazy excited about this.  I am sure it will NEVER happen again.  But I still have to brag about my little girl letting me get some sleep!  She went to sleep at around 8:00ish and slept solid until 1:24 this morning, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  Then she went back to sleep, after a calm quite nursing session, and slept until 4:31.  Then she quietly nursed again and didn't wake up until 7:44 this morning!  
As much as I wish every night would be like this from here on, I know it wont.
Since I actually felt rested when I got up this morning I made myself some breakfast!
It was nice having a hot breakfast today! 
Now I think we are going to go downtown to join Dan for lunch.


Deanna said...

it might! it might! my youngest son has been sleeping through the night (7 pm-5 am) from 9 weeks. it sure makes for a happier mama. :)

She Said... said...

YAY! Isn't it nice to wake up and note feel like a zombie in the morning? :)