Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby K'tan

If it wasn't for the Baby K'tan I wouldn't get anything done with this little girl around nor would I be on the computer right now.  I have the Moby as well but its more restricting.  The best thing about the Baby K'tan wrap is that there is a option to wear an infant with no head control with their legs out.  The Moby wrap only has option to wear infants with no head control in position that hold their legs in.  Ruby prefers her legs to be free.  Also the Baby K'tan wrap is a million times easier to put on;  I don't even have to put Ruby down to get her in it and am able to put the wrap on and get her in it while she is sleeping.  With the Moby wrap I had to put her down and take a couple minutes just to get it on.  If she was sleeping she would wake up while I was putting it on and start crying.  Since you don't have to wrap and tie the Baby K'tan around your waist, you don't have to worry about tucking and untucking your cloths to nurse with it on.  Also since the Baby K'tan doesn't tie around your waist you can sit down with your baby in it and not crush their little feet.   There is some debate that the Moby offers better support for your baby but they feel the same to me; no sore shoulders from either.


Dan said...
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Sherrie Jo said...

I'm reserving Ruby for Thursday night. xo