Wednesday, October 28, 2009

busy with...

scooting, moving and redoing. Recently my sister Amanda and her family moved to Montana. In her leaving Dan and I acquired her place of residence. Which is great because it is much larger than where we currently live. Six hundred or more square feet to be more specific. The only down fall is that the newly inherited place of residence was not in very good shape. It needed and needs work. So Dan and I have been busy fixing it up to our like. I don't have any before pictures but I do have some in the middle pictures, which are conveniently shown below.
This is the living room with new paint, floor, trim and couch. The before was a blue wall with really horribly stained smelly brown carpet and no trim. The couch is a gift from Dan to me. He spent his PFD spending money on me. The scooter above is also a gift from Dan!!! I love my husband.
This is the bathroom with new paint and a new floor. Its still not finished but is close.
This is the kitchen pictured with new paint on the walls and cabinets. The floor is the old floor but was under a super old carpet which was under a floating floor. Once we pulled all the layers off we decided we liked the old '70s floor and decided to keep it. We are still working on the kitchen it will be getting new lower cabinets, a new counter top, and a new sink.
My dad helping scrap up the old carpet pad that fused to the floor, eww.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hair cut for me.

After not having anyone cut my hair, pretty much since I go married in may 2008, I went out and got it cut today. Im still a little unsure of it, as I always am. It will typically take me a few days to get used to a hair cut. Also the stylist straightened my hair and as we all know I DO NOT have straight hair. It looks nice, but I am a little worried about what it will look like after a shower and my usual hair routine. Which is nothing but air drying. I might have to actually do something with it to make it look good.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The new place

is coming along. Here's a sneak peak picture of the living room with new flooring, new color, new floor trim and the new couch Dan bought me!!!