Monday, May 31, 2010


is what we have been enjoying for the past couple of weeks. It truly has been amazing! Dan and I have been going on walks and bike rides everyday after work. I do have to say I can't wait for the rain to come. This pollen in so thick and is seriously bothering me. I just need a little relief, also sleeping in a house that is not 80 degrees would be nice as well!!

and YUCK, I have been nauseous all day...

Friday, May 28, 2010


I just have to share...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yesterday was the first prenatal visit. It went well, they took some blood, took some pee, asked some questions and answered some questions. It was all in all a pretty pleasant visit. I go back on the 8th for another visit!
As far as how I am feeling....well I am tired, but I think a lot has to do with the fact I have been having to get up at 4:20 am this week. We'll see how next week goes when I get back on my usual schedule. Also today at work all of as sudden I was hit with a nasty half hour of nausea, no puking just nausea. Then when I got home and was putting away the clean dishes it hit me again for about 10 minutes. I hope this doesn't start to be a normal everyday thing, crossing my fingers. So far I don't really notice any cravings but bell peppers are not so good to me anymore. They taste like dirt.
The weather, once again, is beautiful and sadly I have no motivation to get out and enjoy it. I just want to lay in my bed and sleep. Hopefully I get over that soon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

saturday, saturday, saturday

It was SUNNY!!! We woke up early to go out and hunt for junk at garage sales. After eating the fried egg sandwiches I made for us we headed out towards downtown! I normally have better luck finding stuff I like down there. Anyway to make this story short, every garage sale we went to was a bust. NOTHING GOOD AT ALL. But luckily the thrift stores had some good stuff. I found the vintage green globe lamp along with the vintage afghan at the Salvation army. We were the 2nd people in the door!!! Then everything else I got at St. Vincent.
After junk hunting we hung out with my Dad and went around town in search for a battery for my scooter and tires from my vintage Schwinn Breeze. We found the tires but no luck with the battery, it will have to be ordered, ugh. Then went for a motorcycle ride downtown, to go get some "Mothers Special Blend" at Rainbow foods. I want to have a head start on preparing my belly for some stretching. On our way back home we stopped at Hannah and Bryan's new house to check out their progress with painting!
We finally got home and Dan started working on my Schwinn again. I love this Schwinn and cant wait for it to be ready to ride! We found it ditched in the woods by our house last year, score. Anyway Dan has been working on it the past couples of days. He has removed nearly all the rust, replaced the tubes, replaced the back tire and now we just need a new chain and eventually a back break.
So to end the day Dan and I took Jack out for a bike/skate ride. Since Dan's vintage Schwinn was purchased in working condition at a garage sale last year I rode that with Jack in the basket and Dan rode along side us on his skate board. The picture of my and Jack is so blurring cause Dan took it while moving down the street on his board.

ahhhhhh! what a perfect day!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Juneau Family Birth Center is where Dan and I will be having our baby. We went on a tour yesterday, even though we knew this is where we wanted to have the baby, the tour just confirmed it. I scheduled my first pre-natal appointment for Tuesday the 25th. They said I could get an ultra-sound to solidify how far along we are. Obviously it wouldn't be a "normal" ultra-sound because of how early in the game we are. I had some questions about the safety and need of ultrasounds so the mid-wife provided me with some literature. So for the safety of my little bean I am opting NOT to get the ultra-sound.
Ultrasounds were introduced into widespread use before any studies were done to determine it relative safety and that is scary to me. Also while the FDA has set limits for emissions, no state or federal regulations require calibration of diagnostic devices. Calibration is left entirely to the discretion of private manufacturers. The FDA has quality control standards for equipment specifications. Once sold, however, equipment maintenance and emissions control are left up to the purchaser, with expectations that power output will diminish as parts age.
Studies have linked ultrasounds to increased rates of childhood cancers and leukemia, free radical production, a likely mechanism for the origin of DNA damage. One controlled trial set up to justify systematic ultrasound screening noted 20 miscarriages in the scanned group and none in the controlled group. A Michigan study discovered that preterm labor more than doubled in a group receiving weekly scans compared with those who received pelvic exams alone.
Studies often done in animals or tissues in laboratories and often using larger doses than those used in humans have noted the following. Chromosomal damage, gross cranial and facial malformations, smaller offspring, breakdown of DNA molecules, blood stasis, liver cell changes, jaundice, branin enzyme changes, changes in brain wave patterns, delayed postnatal grasp reflex, bleeding in newborn mouse lungs, increases emotional reactivity, delay in neuromuscular development, reduction in immunoglobulin antibodies, 10 - 20 times increased absorption of hormones, increases anxiety and stress in the mother.
I know people have been getting them for a long time, but I don't want to chance it. I would rather be safe than sorry.
Anyway on a lighter note. I am a little over 5 weeks today. Our baby is about the size of a sesame seed and looks like a tiny tadpole.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spilling the beans

We are going to have a little bean. I was planning to keep this a "secret" for a little longer but some things happen to make that not possible. So I am spilling the beans to EVERYONE.
Below are the posts from a blog I had planned to keep during the "secret" time of my pregnancy but I was only able to get two post done before we spilled the beans. So everything will just be on here. Yay!

Monday, May 17, 2010

So I surprised Dan while he was at work last Thursday (May 13) with this cute little card. At first he didn't get it. He thought it said "Danny" not "Daddy". Then I pointed it out and he smiled really big and his eyes got a little watery, as did mine. Then he had to go try and work with the new news fresh on his mind!
Today I madean appointment to tour the Family Birth Center. It is set for May 20th. Once I get the tour and decided I want to go there then I will schedule a pre-natal appointment. Woohoo!
I am obsessed with reading about what is happening and what is going to happen with my body during this pregnancy. I am also obsessed with reading about the growth of the little bean inside. One web site did say my breast might grow an entire cup size in just the first few weeks. WHAT? This does not sound good to me. But whatever, a lot of body part will be growing over the next 9 months.
So far I still just have some cramping going on and I am pretty tired the majority of the time. I have been getting out everyday for a walk. Also I am currently suffering from a pretty nasty cold.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We are going to have a little bean.

Im so excited to be a mother and to see Dan be a father. He's going to make the best father! The thought of a little baby arriving in 9 months is a little scary but I am up for it. I am surprising Dan today, sometime, with the exciting news.
I know its super early and a lot of things can happen. I have my hopes up by I am being guarded. I know that whatever is in Gods will for Dan and I will ultimately happen.
Currently I am just experiencing some bloating and cramping, which is what made me take the test in the first place. I have been exhausted lately but I think that is just from laziness, ha. As for everything else I feel pretty normal.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The hutch

So I have been playing around with my stuff on the hutch and on the wall above the hutch to figure out what I like. After changing it a million times I think I finally got it. Well, the wall at least. I am not satisfied with the stuff on and in the hutch, I need to figure something else out for it. But for now it works.
I also finally found a way to hang some owl water colors, my friend Leticia painted, until I get them framed.
Also, can I just say "I get so frustrated with the excessive amount of tape the thrift store puts on stuff."

Monday, May 10, 2010

25 years young.

photo via Hannah
Today I turn 25. Yep, 25. I'm not sure how I feel about this I feel like I just finished High School a little while ago. Oh well, such is life. Anyway one super good thing about being 25 so far is that my insurance went down $40 a MONTH. Can you believe that. I guess when you turn 25 you magically become a more responsible driver, who knew.
On Friday my family and friends got together to celebrate my birthday. Its was beautiful out so we did it outside in my husbands parents yard! We had pizza, homemade cupcakes (Thanks DeAnna) and homemade apple pie (Thanks Lisa). MMMM, it was all delicious. My friends and family all know my love for things handmade and/or old so most of my gifts consisted of that. I love it all! I also receive money that is only allowed to be spent on a new lens for my camera, yay!
A collection of photos from my birthday celebration!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mothers Day Mom!
I hope you find a place to put this! Love you.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dan and I decided that as a traditions we will go out to the island we got married on and take a photo with the arch we got married under. Just to see it change and us change over the years. Here is our photo from this year. All the other photo's are random photo I snapped while out on the island.

Monday, May 3, 2010

2 years

Two years ago today Dan and I were married in a speedy ceremony, preformed by Dan's dad Mick, in the pouring rain, on a little island in the middle of Gastineau channel. A memory I will cherish forever!
I made this for our anniversary. I wrapped it (pictured below) and left it in the kitchen when I left for work this morning. Then I e-mailed him at his work e-mail with a link to this:

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I recently acquired this fantastic piece of vintage embroidery. I am in love with the colors and it goes so well with the paint color in the living room.
I love vintage embroidery.
Tomorrow is Dan and I's 2nd anniversary. I'm excited to be celebrating 2 years with him.
A gift
this is his surprise!!!