Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 So I have been sick with a wretched cold/flu for the last two and a half weeks.  I am so over it!  Today I went to see what my doctor could do for me.  Since it is not a bacterial infection, its a viral infection, antibiotics wont do anything for me.  All I need is lots of fluids and sleep (ha, sleep).  Between the middle of the night nursing session and the two hour coughing fits I have sleep isn't happening.  She gave me a cough syrup with codeine in it to try.  She said it'll help me sleep instead of cough all night and since the dose is so low it'll be ok for Ruby.  So, I am just continuing to use my homeopathic cold remedies and will be trying to rest and drink as much as possible.  Crossing my fingers and praying I start to feel better soon.  I want to enjoy my little girl while not coughing in her face.
 Ruby has some congestion in her nose.  I suck her boogies out every morning, something she HATES.  She also has a little baby cough that breaks my heart every time she does it.  She is most content the closer she is to me, so I have just been wearing her around in her wrap! 

One positive thing about today, my new lens came in!!!  The next lens I would like to get is this one.


Dan said...

boo for sick...whoo hoo for new lens.

Chelsea said...

Aren't moby wraps the best?

Praying for healing my friend!

big hugs.