Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday boy!

My nephew, Asher, turned 5 on Sunday and we had a super celebration for him!
 Dan and I brought over some refrigerator boxes for the kids to play with.  One of them we cut doors and windows out and painted with spray paint!
We also plastered cool pictures of scooters and VW buses and bugs on the inside!
 The other two boxes were blank canvases for the kids to paint!
Birthday boy!
 Hannah due with Jude anyday now!
DeAnna due with a little mystery in September!
 Ruby enjoyed basking in the sunshine and drooling all over!
 Ruby and papa!
Ruby with her uncle, grandpa and papa!
and last but not least the best pregnant belly picture ever, COME OUT JUDE!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

18 weeks

at 18 weeks Ruby...
is obsessed with putting things to her mouth
is drooling like crazy
is little miss chatty
has started to bite down while nursing
likes to grab things
 is doing push ups while doing tummy time (she lets out a big excited scream while up)
can sit up for a short period of time unassited
can roll from tummy to back
can roll half way from back to tummy
like to push her lips together and make spit bubbles
has a whole new slue of comical expression
I am sure there is more but those are the highlights!
I finally made Ruby a felted flower headband, I have been meaning to since she was born.
this was a happy face accompanied with a squeal!

Papa's home!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A walk in the forest

Getting ready for a chilly walk
 Yesterday evening after Dan and Ruby took a nap we headed out for a walk.  Lucky for us we live near a trail that leads through the woods.  I took my new fisheye lens to check out what its all about, I got some pretty cool pictures with it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

this week and weekend

DeAnna and Felix
Sometimes I get in super lazy ruts where the only thing that sounds good is doing nothing, ha.  I hate being in those ruts and with my introduction into parenthood it was, sometimes, a lot easier to do nothing than to figure out how to do it with a baby in tow.  The past few months I have done active things but not nearly as often as I would have before becoming a parent.  This week I think I have finally had a break through.  I went on two hike/walks up salmon creek trail.  From here on I will make myself get out and go for a walk or hike at least three times a week or more! 
Felix running up the hill
 My sister-in-law, Hannah, is due with her third baby boy any day now.  This specific walk up salmon creek trail was a shot at making her go into labor, she is still pregnant. 
Ruby slept most of the walk

Hannah and Jude

Ruby and grandma Sherrie


 This weekend four churches in town participated in a Word Retreat, many of our loved ones went.  This is us driving out to the Shrine to surprise them and let them know we are praying for them and love them tons!
The Shrine

inside the shrine
 Lots of people showed up to support their loved ones attending the retreat.  The men attending the retreat were in the shrine worshiping the Lord and praying while getting blessed with a washing of their feet.  We, loved ones, surprised them by coming in with candles singing, it was so emotional!  The picture above was after the men attending the retreat had left the building.

 Our dear friend, Jack, wanted to get baptized out there!

What a perfect weekend!