Friday, November 30, 2012


38 weeks
 Today I am currently 38 weeks and 2 days and my body feels exhausted from being pregnant.  On Tuesday at my appointment my midwife checked me and said I was 2 cm dilated and nearly fully effaced and the baby was at station 0.  But that doesn't mean anything in regards to going into labor soon.  Hopefully it just means that by the time I actually go into labor there wont be much that has to be done before the pushing can start.  I pray for the pushing stage to be easier and quicker this time around.  With Ruby I pushed for 2 and 1/2 hours, I am thinking its cause she was born with her arm and hand up by her head.  
Anyway my body feels ready, my mind feels ready, I am just READY!
22 months
 Ruby is now 22 months old going on 16 years old, this little girl has so much sass in her.
 I don't think she quite conceives what it means when I tell her mama has a baby in her belly and that she's going to be a big sister soon.  Though she has taken on the cutest roll of being a mama to her many babies, I am hoping the arrival of her brother or sister will be a good thing in her mind! 
 She is communicating her needs and wants so much better these days.  I am trying really hard to give her the right words to use so we can avoid as much whining a possible.  She is super opinionated and knows what she wants and isn't afraid to throw a tantrum about. 
 She also has an incredibly sweet side that likes to slow down and cuddle mama on the couch and read books.  She also loves giving kisses and hugs, at least to her papa and I. 
Last week on Thanksgiving Dan's sister took some very special maternity family of three pictures for us.  Its such a treat having someone with such talent in the family!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

last week

36 weeks
Last week my belly turned 36 weeks, as of today I am officially 37 weeks and can now have my baby at the birth center.  Currently I am hoping this baby comes soon because I am so uncomfortable and frankly cant take it anymore.  I am pretty sure the baby has dropped since taking this photo.  The baby feels much lower in my hips, I have to pee more than before, I am having more hip discomfort, a lot more sciatic nerve pain and when the baby moves I feel it much lower than before.  I don't want to get my hopes up but I am hoping this is a sign that labor is near!
36 weeks with Ruby!
For comparison here's a picture of me pregnant with Ruby at 36 weeks.  In the last month of my pregnancy with Ruby I took measurements of my belly and even though I feel more uncomfortable and bigger this go around I am actually measuring 2 inches smaller.  I am sure its just cause the baby is in a different orientation this time and not because its smaller, I have been weak with the no sugar rule.
Anyway I will most definitely have a baby within the next 5 weeks!!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween and randomness

 Just sharing some cute pictures of my little girl having a post nap snack on the couch.

 I am making an effort to get in the pictures more after reading this article.
Ruby was a backpack this year for Halloween!