Friday, April 20, 2012

15 months

one month old
15 months have come and gone in what seems to be a blink of an eye. 
 Ruby has turned into quite a little dainty, stubborn little girl. 
 She has grown 4 teeth and has two more coming in. 
She isn't walking yet, but she climbs!
She likes to climb onto the couch and look out the window.
She likes to try putting her socks on and every once in while get's one on!
If it were up to her she would live off of cheese crackers. 
She thinks peek-a-boo is hilarious, along with pretending to share. 
She loves coffee cups and pretends to take drinks and then says "MMMMM!"
She'll give you a kiss if you ask her.
 She loves being read too and likes to point at everything on the pages and ask, "What's that?"
She has the cutest little dance moves. 
She thinks her hair clips are a snack.
She makes the vroom, vroom sounds for toys with wheels as she moves them along the ground.
She is obsessed with these little toddler sized chairs Dan found at the thrift store. 
She likes to stack blocks.
She has become interested in the garbage can and its contents, so now the can lives on a chair.
She thinks the magnets on the fridge are pretty fun to take off and put back on.
Ahhh, I just love her so much!

Friday, April 13, 2012

the island

 Last Friday Dan, Ruby and I went out to the island (we got married on) for the first time since last fall.
 It was a beautiful evening to pack a dinner to enjoy around a fire.
 The walk was soggy and slippery.
Ruby didn't like sitting on the ground at all.  I had to bribe her with goldfish and hummus.
She managed to smear the hummus all over her face, her jacket, the blanket and me!
 Dan built and stoked the fire, we ate and enjoyed the quiet surroundings and day dreamed about owning similar property!

 Ruby was thoroughly entertained by Jack wanting to lick the hummus off of her!

 Once the sun started to set it got pretty chilly so we headed back to the car. 

 Ahh, the sunset was gorgeous!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


perfecting her stacking skills
 We have been spending lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather.  Sadly I haven't been bring my camera out with us. 
she loves to play the guitar
 I did manage to take some photo's throughout the week of Ruby playing around inside perfectly some of her skills.
 She really likes to climb. 
 Every time she climbs up on something she has a very cute accomplished look on her face!
 She likes to climb onto a baby sized chair then onto the couch or ottoman!
she reminds me a lot of her papa in this picture

Once she got up on the ottoman she kept barking at Jack and playing peek-a-boo!