Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Todays thrifty finds.

I scored pretty big at the thrift store today so I thought I'd share it.
So I think the biggest score today was the BARELY used leather Hobo international bag. Then it would have to be all the vintage scarfs. But anywho, here it all is.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Jack, is seriously the best dog ever. I just wanted to share some adorable photos of him.

July 4th.

For the forth of July parade Dan and I had our bus in it to represent our churches radio station, 92.7 FM. Its was extremely HOT day for us juneauites. Anyway the parade was awesome, and people loved the bus. I believe we impacted some people with our parade of vehicles and people. About two weeks after the parade I had people at my work tell me about how 92.7 FM is the only station they listen to now, and they never knew it was there until the parade. I loved hearing people tell me that.
So after the parade Dan and I planned on taking his motorcycle over to Douglas, to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, his battery died. We had two options leave it downtown or bring it home...somehow. Option one was out of the question, so we had to get it home some how. All we had was the bus and the strong muscle of Dan, Jeremy and some intoxicated people in the parking lot. So, with the muscle the bike was lifted into the bus and strapped in. Front tire our in all its glory, Dan and I drove down the highway. Haha, people we looking at us with great concern. But we made it to Dan parent house and unloaded the bike there.

A funny picture,

I couldn't resist sharing. Dan and Tim..

New bike...

Dan got ANOTHER bike, yes, another bike. This one is more of a usable, less collector bike though. The new bike is the one closest to the camera in this photo. Its a 1974 Harley Davidson FLH, the second bike pictures is an old 1942 WLA Harley Davidson. Then there is our beloved 1979 Volkswagen Bus.

I have been known to be a slacker....

Wow, its been quite a while since I blogged anything. This summer has just been so amazingly nice out it hard to stay at home and think of clever things to blog about. But here I am on a wet yucky day out blogging. Woohoo! Anywho, Ill woo you over with some fantastically beautiful pictures of a hike I took a few weeks ago up the Granite Creek Trail.
WooHoo, we are almost there..
Granite Creek falls...
Breath taking

My little avid hiking chihuahua, Jack!
the falls, also breath taking.

In other news, like tattoo news, Dan got another tattoo. Yes, it is me and our little puppy Jack. Dave from High Tide did a marvelous job on it.