Thursday, October 30, 2008


WHOA!!!!! Look at this picture. Whats missing? Ummm, maybe a rain jacket, a puffy warm jacket, rubber boots...... I DIDN'T HAVE TO WEAR ANY OF THAT TODAY BECAUSE IT WAS SUNNY. Dang, I seriously can not express to you how excited and happy I am about the sun coming out. After 32 consecutive days of measurable precipitation (aka- lots of days in a row of pouring down rain and dark clouds looming overhead) a sunny day is seriously needed for the well being of us Juneau folk. I woke up today preparing myself for the 33rd consecutive day of measurable precipitation, and it didn't happen. Oh man, well Im out to enjoy more of it. Hopefully you are doing the same, and if your not I'm just going to have to call you CRAZY.