Friday, June 26, 2009

a new tattoo

Yes, I got another tattoo. An owl on my chest, I love it.


Today I was fed up with the old curtains I made for my closet a while ago. The old ones were made of this super heavy fabric I got from Joannes. Pretty much I didn't like the wooden closet door, they were ugly and actually took up a good chunk of space in our already TINY room. So I went and bought the cheapest fabric in a color I liked. Which is most likely why I grew tired of them so quickly. Anyway, I grew tired of the old curtains so I made new ones. Dan was impressed with the new ones I made and said I should make a post about it of our blog. So here I am telling you all about it.
When I go to the thrift store I always look at the sheets. Sometimes I score and find some pretty sweet sheets. I don't use them as sheet I just buy them for the fabric. My favorite sheet Iv gotten from the thrift store turned into the curtains that are now on our bedroom windows (below). The sheet was an old flannel double sheet, with super cute little flower all over. I love them. Way cute than any fabric Iv come across at a store and way cheaper. Can't beat that. So yeah, I cut, sewed and all that fun stuff all on my own.
Cute ruffle top, so its not just a boring old curtain.
So for the curtains over the closet I used an old twin fitted sheet and an old double flat sheet I found at the thrift store. I had to cut the elestic out of the fitted sheet and cut it to the same length as the other sheet. I cut each sheet in half and sewed the halves to eachother. I also did the same decorated top on these.

I recently made a bed skirt for our bed. I had been looking at the thrift store FOREVER for one but they never have them in Queen size, always double. So I took a double size bed skirt and cut it down the middle and added a 6 inch strip of fabric. So now I have a bed skirt and it only cost $2 compared to the outrageous price you would pay at a store.
Anyway that is it for the craftiness. My next project is to make a simple quilt out of vintage pillow cases from the thrift store. Ill post about it when it happens.