Friday, February 24, 2012

fresh air

 Ruby came down with a little stomach bug two nights ago.  She woke up with puke on her and her bed in the middle of the night screaming.  When I went in there to see what was wrong she was so hysterically scared, it broke my heart.  I picked her up, changed her and pulled her bedding off and replaced it.  I hugged and nursed her for a little while and then laid her back down.  She slept solid until 9:30 in the morning and when I went in to get her I noticed she had puke on her and her bedding again. 
 After I changed her and her bed I tried to feed her breakfast and she didn't want anything to do with it.  So I gave her some water and let her crawl around and play.  She seemed fine for most of the day, just a little fussy and clingy but no more puke.  Once she woke up from her afternoon nap she was crying and kicking.  It seemed like her tummy hurt and then a couple second later she had the most fowl smelling diarrhea.  This happen a couple more time in the next hour or so.  She seemed tired so we went into her room and read some books and I nursed her.  After nursing her I just held her as she snuggled into my neck.  Then out of no where she reared back and projectile puked all over my hair and down my front. 
 Once I got her changed, again, I put her down in her crib and went and cleaned myself up.  She slept like a little angel last night only waking up once.  This morning she seemed to be feeling better, just a little low on energy.
 Because of Dan's schedule on Thursday he doesn't get to see Ruby.  He felt bad about not seeing her and her being sick he took a half day off today. 
Since it was nice out and everyone was home we went for a little stroll on the wetlands.  I figured Ruby might enjoy the fresh air, I know I do when I am feeling lousy. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

13 months

 She has changed and learned so much recently it is pretty amazing.  To me she is looking more and more like a toddler with each passing day!  A peek into our day would include lots of Ruby pointing and me telling her what it is.  She has learned so many new words from things from this daily routine.  Some of her favorites are:
She still really isn't into calling me anything close to mama.
She likes to pull herself up and slowly cruise around on things she can hold onto. 
 She loves it when we hold her hands and let her walk around.
She is  a very gentle and careful baby.
She is still obsessed with toting her socks around and surprisingly all her socks still have their mates.
She loves flipping through books.
She has recently moved passed protesting bath time!
She is experimenting with climbing.
She is testing me with temper tantrums. 
She has four teeth now, two on the bottom and two on the top.
This past Sunday we eliminated her pacifier use during her wakeful hours and she is doing wonderfully!
She helps with getting dressed.
All around she really is just the greatest blessing!

Friday, February 10, 2012

a glimpse of spring

 Today we woke up to a beautiful day of sunshine and above 40 degree temps.  Once we were fed and dressed we headed out the door to take advantage of this little treat.  It was so pleasant out you'd almost forget it was February.  Walking down the trail with the sun shining on my face and the warmish breeze blowing was defiantly a welcome glimpse of spring.  
 The weather is sour pretty often here and can surely break you down and make you focus on all the things you hate about living here.  I often find myself obsessing over moving to a slightly warmer climate that has more sunshine than rain.  I even go as far as looking for houses to buy and jobs for my husband to apply for.  But when I wake up to days like today those thoughts are quickly forgotten and all I can think about is how lucky and blessed I am to live in such an amazingly beautiful place.
 On beautiful days I can't help but take and share a tons of pictures, so enjoy!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

the cuteness

 Just some photo's from Ruby turning a year I realized I hadn't shared on here.  Mom I thought you'd like to save these to you computer!  Enjoy!

I can't get over how much she has grown in the last year..simply insane.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Dan entered this picture, I snapped of him and Ruby last summer, into a small photo contest on Chop Cult (a motorcycle form of sorts).  
It was just a small contest involving motorcycle related pictures and well Dans was voted as the winner!  How sweet!