Thursday, August 30, 2012

19 months

 Ruby is becoming more and more independent these days.  She want to do everything her self and will protest you trying to help her.  She also has strong opinions on things and a stubbornness that is maddening.  She sure is a toddler.
 Right now her favorite word is NO!  She practices it all the time saying it on repeat in different tones and pitches.  I catch her randomly saying it to her books and toys.  She also likes to use it when talking to her papa or I.  When she uses it in the right context its fine but when she is using it out of context with attitude its not okay.
 Really though what more could we expect from a 19 month old.
 She still has a melt your heart smile, a super silly personality,
and sass.

Friday, August 10, 2012

17 and 18 months, finally

17 months
17 months
17 months
18 months
18 months
18 months
 Wow, this took me forever to get up here.  I find myself just wanting to nap or do things not involving the computer these days.  
Its hard to believe Ruby is already almost 19 months old and that we will have a newborn in just a few short months.  Sometimes I am stricken with the most nauseating anxiety at the thought of taking care of two little ones under two at the same time.  Luckily the few people I have talked to about it are pretty encouraging and spare me the terrible stories.  When I am not feeling nauseous at the thought of caring for two children I deal with sad thoughts of shorting Ruby on her one on one time with me.  Sometimes I wish we would have let her get a little older before becoming pregnant again, too late now.  I know we will all adjust perfectly and right after the baby is born it'll feel like the baby has always been here.  Its just hard to think like that right now.
Anyway, about Ruby getting older...
Her vocabulary has blossomed a lot, this little girl says so much now.
She is suffering from the terrible two's temper tantrums already.
She wants to do EVERYTHING by herself.
She recently go a pair of rain boots and she is completely obsessed. 
Another obsessed includes her old Fisher Price toys I finally took out for her to play with.
She is still a sleeping champ!
She has switched from being a total people charmer to being shy.
She likes sugar just as much as her papa and he always give into her.