Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whoa belly.

Here is the current line up of my belly growth.  I seem to have had a big growth spurt from 16 to 17 weeks but then it just seems to have remained the same since then.  Even though I feel gigantic I look the same.  
On another not so positive note I just wanted to express my frustration with something.  I have run into a lot of opinions, from strangers and people I know, about my choices of things involving care, birth and parenting.  For instance:
-  I will start with my choice to go to the birthing center and have midwives give me my pre-natal, delivery, and post-natal care.  People like tell me I am making a mistake, I am going to want to be in the hospital because I am going to want pain meds, midwives don't have college educations etc. etc. I do not understand how someone that doesn't or even does know me would tell me they know me and what I would want more than me myself.  I don't want and will not have pain meds while laboring or birthing my child.  Remember folks being pregnant and giving birth is not a disease.
- I am choosing to use cloth diapers.  People always wish me good luck but then say it is not going to work out.  They try to convince me to not even try and just say a lot of discouraging things.  I have done a lot of research on cloth diapering and know what I am getting into.  I will be cloth diapering my child, not you.
Ill stop there.  I just want people to realize that these are mine and my husbands decisions.  We are the ones who have to live with the consequences, not you.  I would just like support and encouragement in our decision.  Thanks for reading my rant. 


happy owl erin said...

Just wait until you are in the grocery store and your little one is crying and the lady behind in the checkout aisle says, "oh your baby must be hungry/cold/tired, etc". You will just want to scream!! It's like I KNOWWWWWW. Anyways...your belly looked cute last week. And you and Dan are surrounded by wonderful people and you will be a great mom, cloth diapers and all. :)

Katherine Michael said...

Ah! I'm sorry that's happening to you! on an encouraging note my Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-law used cloth diapers and LOVED them!

Anonymous said...

You can do it!! I made it through 22 hours of labour with NO meds and a doula. You CAN do it and there are tonnes of women out there the same as you.

Coth diapers are amazing now! The options are endless. And, on a superficial level, way cuter.

Hope that helped!

Nicole said...

Hi! Found you through Sometimes Sweet and wanted to stop by and say hello.

I don't have children yet, but I think that it is so sad that anyone would presume to know better or to dismiss your choices (well, in your situation anyway. I might try to talk a mother-to-be out of smoknig crack).

I mean, it's a good thing that modern medicine and disposable diapers have come along without them, no woman would have been able to give birth!

Good luck to you in your journey to motherhood!

Nicole said...

*Okay, it may have looked like I was smoking crack when I typed that. Someday I will learn to edit before posting...

Anonymous said...

Well Kiddo I am behind you 100% regardless of your choices. As you say it's you and Danno that will deal with them on a daily basis and no one elses business. Thats what the make kleenex for. So people can wipe thier own noses and keep them out of your business. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!! I support you 100% I love you =)