Monday, September 27, 2010

Us as babies (lots of photo's)

I thought it would be cute to post some picture's of Dan and I when we were little.  
the back of the photo says Dan-red Tim-blue

Dan 2nd grade.  The funny thing about this picture is it was taken 1 year before I was born. ha.
typical Dan expression

Dan - red

Dan -left

Dan - left

Only the puppy knows... (Dan - holding the puppy)

your guess is as good as mine.

your guess is as good as mine.

Dan - having fun Tim - hating life
Dan - red  Mick - afro!

my sister painted me. 

we lived in such a small town, my family made the paper cause I was born!

all dolled up with nowhere to go.

the paper, again.


happy owl erin said...

ok, i looove these. you were such a cute blondie babe. your baby might actually be a blondie too! And the ewing pics are priceless!!

Laura said...

Such cute pics!!!

Hannah Hosh said...

In the photo of them naked with the puppy, Dan is holding the puppy. Love all these old photos!

Dan said...

of course it is.. I used up every bit of that star too, FYI.