Friday, September 24, 2010

the goods

On my recent trip to Montana my Dad, my sister Jessica and I picked up some goodies for the bean in my belly.  It is all just too cute not to share!

some blabla dolls, thanks Dad!

this is from H&M, I think this will be the beans first outfit (don't hold me to it though)

clothes, shoes, books, hats, toys

even if the bean is a girl it will be wearing these motorcycle clothes, thanks Jessica

I have been collecting clothes and such from the consignment shop in town.  But when it comes down to baby gear all I have is a car seat and 12 cloth diapers.  I got the Britax Boulevard convertible car seat in all black, well my dad got it for me!  I need to start picking up all the necessary baby gear I am going to need before this little bean arrives.  I have four months to get it all figured out.  I started by creating a baby registry at Amazon and Target.  I am just sort of using it as a file to keep all the things I want in one area.  Your welcome to check it out if you like.  I linked it in the sidebar ---> right over there, below the poll for the gender of our baby. 


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Isn't so much fun? and there is soooooo much to chose from !!! Love you Bean =)

Anonymous said...

Does that registry thing mean I can buy more. 8)
You forgot to mention the humongus suitcase you took from Amanda to bring it all back in, you know the one she took from me to take all her extra stuff last time she came to visit. LOL
Guess you could say it just came back home until, of course, her next visit then back it will go with all her newly acquired stuff.
You can ask your Mom I never was much into shopping but it is fun to watch your face as you buy for you new bean. Love you too kiddo. Dad

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I like that registry thing. So mucho easier. LOL
I think I took care of all the must haves from Amazon, will check Target in a few.
Pretty cool kiddo.
Did try to ship to your house so I wouldnt have to carry boxes but NOOOOO they sent it to your P.O. Box (well most anyway) so since that is also my P.O. Box I still have to carry the dang boxes. LOL oh yeah and the boxes they didnt send to your/my P.O. Box,,,, well they sent them to MY house. 8)
Love ya Dad

Mandy said...

Really cute stuff! My hubby and I have been looking at the Britax car seats, as well. Is it easy to get in and out of the car???

Ashleigh said...

The Britax car seat I got is meant to be put in the car and stay. Britax does make an infant car seat the connects to a base that you put in the car and then the car seat latches on and off of that base.