Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Camp

Every September our church goes out to Echo Ranch to spend some quality time together and in the word.  This year the weather was amazing, it is normally pouring rain on us all weekend.  Everyone took advantage of the sunshine and stayed outside.  On Saturday a bunch of us got the canoes out.  It was beautiful, warm and flat out.  In my canoe it was Dan, Brian and I.  The entire time Dan kept making the canoe tip, which kept freaking me out.  That last thing I wanted wad to tip over in the 40degree ocean.  Eventually our canoe DID tip over and all three of us were left to swim to shore.  Lucky for us we weren't far from shore. 
if you look close you can see us in the water

Dan pushing the canoe down the shore
all of us
After we dumped our canoe in the water we all showered and changed our clothes.  As much as I didn't like going into the super cold water, we at least have a funny story for this year.  The rest of camp was fun and the weather continued to be beautiful all weekend!  We ended the weekend with a softball game, then everyone hiked back to their cars and went home to rest. 
Sadly I got a cold (I am thinking its from dumping our canoe in the ocean) and have had it since camp.  Hopefully Ill get over it soon!

all photos stolen from Hannah or Janet's facebook page


Janet said...

Hi Ashleigh, I'm so sorry you got sick! If you want any of my pictures in their full quality, let me know and I'll send them to you. Or put them on a cd. :-) You were such a good sport about being dumped in the ocean!

happy owl erin said...

as I told Hannah, we are so there next year!!