Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Big Sky State

Taylor and Sammie
I recently took a quick trip down to Montana to visit my sister and nieces.  It was Sammie's 8th birthday and that is whas motivated the trip.  It was awesome going down there and seeing where they are living.  I haven't been there since they moved in October of last year.  Montana is beautiful in a different way than Alaska is.  The rolling hills where a nice change of scenery, and the way the trees grow on only one side of the hill was pretty neat.  I did get to experience a lightning and thunder storm while I was there which was AWESOME.  I haven't seen one of those since I was a little kid.  I loved visiting with my little nieces, its always such a special time.  Since it was Sammie's birthday we took her shopping and let her get whatever she wanted (within reason).  We all also go Taylor something too.  Anyway I loved being able to spend some quality time with my family, here are some pictures from my trip. 
(lots and lots of photo's below)
excuse the boogies, but I think they make the picture
just beyond the fence of my sister's backyard


Mandy said...

Your nieces are beautiful. Montana is very pretty. And I like all the pics!

Hope you and baby are having a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

Love all the pics sweetie. I really really love the fact there are absolutely none of me(as im not photigenic). I enjoyed your visit. I miss you already.

Sherrie Jo said...

Adorable! Sammie is so cute with her hair cut like that. And Taylor looks just like Amanda!

Anonymous said...

From the anonymous Dad, nice, really nice. It was a fun trip.