Thursday, April 7, 2011


 Ruby sucked on her Sophie for the first time yesterday!  I think she might be close to teething because she is drooling a lot more and is more interested in sucking and chewing on things like her fists and toys!  Who knows she could just be entering that stage where everything goes in her mouth.
Felix also liked Sophie!
 Ruby and I met Latecia and Kellen over at Hannah's like we seem do every Wednesday (its our stay-at-home mommy play date)!  The weather was pleasant enough to be outside without being miserable, so we all sat outside and watched the older kid's play and enjoyed some fresh air!  
 It started to sprinkle so we went inside, sat around, drank coffee and chatted!
 Ruby had some quality auntie shoulder time!
  We also made it through the day with minimal meltdowns! 
Once Bryan (Hannah's husband) got home we all headed downtown to eat at Bullwinkle's then headed over to tasty treats for some frozen yogurt!
All in all a pretty fantastic day!
p.s. Ruby is 11 weeks today, I will post photo's of that later!


Dan said...

Good times had by all!


Hannah Hosh said...

I agree with Dan! I love when we all hang out.