Saturday, April 9, 2011


Ruby holds gas like a hot air balloon, it is quite the task to get it out.  Since I hate seeing my little girl suffer from belly ache's we try every which way to get it out.  Sometimes it takes FOREVER to get her to burp sometimes it doesn't take long.  
This was a successful burping session!


DX5GP2LOTS said...

LOL, good pics.
A long time ago when Tammy was Ruby's age I had a heavy leather coat with fringe along the edges (was a popular thing in the early 70's)
One time I was burping her when she did what you see on Dan's shirt.
It stained the leather and would never came out.
I kept that jacket to give Tammy when she grew up.
Cant remember for sure if I did give it to her or not (I'm sure she knows) but I do remember it being moved with me forever to do so.

Dan said...

I wear that puke well though huh.