Friday, April 22, 2011

Play dates

 My little girl is growing with some serious cuteness, each day I wake up and look at her she has gotten cuter!  Here she is at 3 months as of this past Wednesday!
Ruby (3 months old)
 In our church fellowship there has been lots of babies born and a few more to be born, Im pretty sure I have mentioned this here before.  Anyway, each week we have a mommy get together at my sister-in-laws house.  We all just bring our babies and hang out, its always a pretty good time!
Ruby and her cousin Felix, they are 2 days shy of being exactly 2 years apart, they love each other a lot.
Robin (2 months old)

Owen (5 months old)

Eleanor (12 days old)
In other news Ruby had some shots yesterday and they gave her a 102.5 fever, poor thing.  Its heartbreaking seeing you baby suffer from a fever.   She kept doing the "I'm falling" reflex and screaming even though I was holding her.  I have given her Tylenol and am nursing her frequently to bring her fever down!

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Deanna said...

i love ruby's dress! so cute! :)

i hate giving parenting advice, because i'm not too keen on getting it, but maybe next time you can try nursing her while she's getting her shots. that always worked with gage and owsley. i know how much it hurts to see your baby hurting.