Monday, April 25, 2011


Papa love

she is starting to like her bumbo more and more

duck face and her "whats up" face a.k.a a pooping face

as always she love to make silly faces
she is obsessed with sucking on her hands, she even pauses nursing to suck on them for a second
Ruby's three month photo
one month, two months, three months

I love how poetic she is with her hands

cute baby socks
more light shows


Dan said...

the whats up face kills it

Paige said...

she's totally gorgeous :)

princess sputnik said...

She's adorable!!!! So many expressions! And those eyes!!!!

Hannah Hosh said...

Dan in a yellow shirt!!! That is all.

happy owl erin said...

dollface :))) you guys are fabulous. xoxo

Chelsea said...

those are fantastic photos. you are SO creative!