Friday, April 15, 2011


For years I have been on a constant look out for BIG glasses.  Not because they were in style but simply because I get tunnel vision wearing small glasses.  Lucky for me, big glasses are the in thing right now so they are very available and you can find them for super cheap.  I ordered a couple pairs and they came in today!  I look super nerdy but I can see without bad tunnel vision which is really exciting.  This is only one pair because I made a mistake while entering my prescription for the other pair.  I have to get them fixed before I can wear them, which is lame cause I like them more.


Dan said...

Van Halen;s Hot for Teacher comes to mind.

DX5GP2LOTS said...

What Dan said. 8)
They look good.

happy owl erin said...

what a cute little nerd you are ;)