Thursday, April 28, 2011

14 weeks

 At 14 weeks Ruby is...
enjoying tummy time more
sucking on her fist all the time
kicking her legs like crazy
smiling really big at everyone
doing little giggles
napping without me holding her
holding her head up really well
standing (with assistance for balance)
needing to be swaddled still
loving her elephant mobile that is above her changing table
reaching for her toys, her favorite is Olivia the Owl (I am guessing its all the crinkle paper)
enjoying checking herself out in the mirror
not enjoying bath time right now
talking my ear off
loving the warmer weather!


Dan said...

aaahhh, last pic is so rad!!

alex said...

Cutest baby everr!

Jessica said...

LOL, I love the last picture! "Whaat? I didn't do that....."