Thursday, October 14, 2010

wisdom teeth and an iMac

 My sweet husband got his wisdom teeth pulled today.  He's feeling pretty good at the moment, but they also said his worst days of pain will be Saturday and Sunday.  Apparently they had a pretty rough time with his teeth and it took a little extra to get them out.  He's pretty sore and swollen, as you can see.  They also had to give him the anesthetic twice to put him out.  They gave it to him to first time and said count back from 10 and he made it all the way to 1, the doctor and nurses were surprised he was still awake.  Anyway pray for a quick and easy recovery.  
In other news, our new iMac made it here!!!  We love it.  Currently it lives on our kitchen table and will until I find a desk I am willing to put in my house.  The search is on.  

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DX5GP2LOTS said...

Hey Danno, glad you got your wisdoms pulled ok but sorry your hurting. I never grew any thus never had any pulled so I can only say sorry you hurt. I cant empathize with the pain though. 8)
Congrats on the new computer, looks nice.