Monday, October 25, 2010

I love love love vintage embroidery and crewel...

...and my favorite pieces I have ever seen (pictures of) I have yet been able to find and make them mine.  I am sure once you see the pictures you will recognize them and you probably would love to find them too.  

I search everyday for these babies... Someday they WILL be MINE!!!!!

At church this Sunday Janet took a picture of three (out of six) of us pregnant ladies.  Enjoy and please ignore the fact that I look like a giant, I was even slouching in this picture!
Miriah (due April 4), Me the giant (due Jan. 22) and Christine (due Nov. 11)
Dan was getting some bad helmet hair so I cut it for him last night!
what a stud!!!

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happy owl erin said...

love those embroidery pieces too.