Monday, October 11, 2010

An adventure in engine pulling

As stated in the post below Dan's truck blew-up, seized, broke, wont run whatever you wanna call it.  I forgot the technical term as to what happen.  Anyway Dan, Jeremy and my Pops decided to pull the engine out and take a look to see if it might be easy to fix, if we should just buy a new engine or a different car.  So, here they are in my Dad's garage doing boy stuff and having a fun time....boys!  This post will probably be more enjoyed by the masculine sex but girls you might like it too.  There are a lot of pictures, because I like lots of pictures so enjoy!
checking to see if its ready to pull up

nice butt

trying to shake it loose

more checking

here it comes

its a boy!

the damage


happy owl erin said...

I love that he was holding it like it was his real baby. Oh, boys!! Hopefully between your dad, your hubs and Jeremy they can fix it.


DX5GP2LOTS said...

It was a fun night. Pizza, Rootbeer, Wings ( at least I ordered wings but the girl (Ashleigh) of the group ate them all LOL) and good company doing what I like (working on cars with friends) Havent dont that in a while and it was fun. Ashleigh, the technical term for what happened is "it broke" the less technical term is "it threw a rod", the girl term wold be "ahhh poop, now what" LOL