Sunday, October 3, 2010

inspirational baby rooms

Lately I have been laying away a night thinking about all the simple and not simple changes I wan to make to my house.  One thing being the babies room.  I did mention that our second bedroom would be the babies room.  It is the largest room in the house but for the last year it has been Dan and I's  storage, sewing, junk room.  I don't us actually getting rid of everything in the room.  The plan was to put it all to one side and separate it by standing screens.  The more and more I think about that the more I realize its not going to work.  What about when the little bean becomes mobile?  So, I think we will have to downsize out belongings that currently reside in that room and eventually move our room in there.  Doing this will give the baby its own room with everything in it belonging to it.  Except my clothes, ha, they will have to stay in the babies room (currently our room) for some time.  
Anyway I have been looking through some baby room tours on ohdeedoh for inspiration and thought I would share my favorite ones.  
I would pee my pant if I found a crib like this

this whole room is amazing

these shades of blue and yellow are perfect

love this old bed frame

I really like the stripes

I love the simplicity of this room

I love everything in this room


Dan said...

I love the wall paper in the last room.

Ashleigh said...

well, I!!!

happy owl erin said...

oh, you two...get a room ;)
like the first one the best. ahhh, that bed.

DX5GP2LOTS said...

Would you really pee your pants for that bed? In public? May be worth it ya know. LOL never say never. 8)

I just had an idea for that old couch you like so much. In the babies (notice use of the plural) room. The a whole new living room set for the living room.

I like # 1, oh and # 2, cant forget # 3, oh, oh and # 4. Heck I like em all. LOL

Love you guys Dad

Ashleigh said...

Dad - yeah I think I would pee my pant in public. ha.
Oh and the old couch I have is my favorite piece of furniture, I wouldn't want to hide it away in a baby room. Much less do I think Juneau furniture store have anything that would interest me when it comes to living room furniture. I also couldn't afford new furniture right now.

DX5GP2LOTS said...

Well get ready to pee your pants. Dan and I will decide the when and where.
I found the crib in pic. # 1. In a little antique shop in Minnesota. Have agreed on price now he's figuring out shipping so waiting for him to get back to me.
Dont see shipping being a deal breaker but then we all know about shipping big stuff to Alaska.
I'll let you know,of course, but as of now I am dang sure you have the crib in pic. # 1. Oh yeah it is a a Sun Bonnet Baby Crib from the 1920's. Found some bedding and stuff to so ,,,,,, this is so exciting and fun. 8)
Love ya Dad

DX5GP2LOTS said...

Ok, well the crib pictured in pic#1 will be shipped Tuesday to your place. Hope you like having it as much as I liked finding and getting it. Love ya Dad