Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I miss...

I miss...
sleeping on my tummy or back
lunch meat
being able to wear anything I own without having to worry about stretching it out
sleeping without having to get up to go pee more than once
being able to easily get out of my car
green tea
being able to keep a train of thought
my slow growing nails
being able to bend over easily to pick things up
my not so huge chest
Just so I am not so negative here's a short list of things I will miss when I am not pregnant anymore.
I will miss...
feeling my little baby kick and squirm around in my belly
people being extra nice to me only because I am pregnant


Mandy said...

I second the missing green tea and sushi. : )

ashleigh said...

Ah the joys of being pregnant! By the way I love you header picture!! Beautiful!

DX5GP2LOTS said...

Ahh, the things you miss and are going to miss. Everything has both ya know. LOL
You are a beautiful young lady and yes I am prejudice since your my youngest but I am also a realist. You have that "glow", that "aura" of being pregnant.
While I always did and still do think your Mom is very attractive when she was pregnant with you and your sisters she had that "glow" and it just added to the mix, the package, the beauty of the lady.
Though I loved her, I loved her even more when she was pregnant. It is not only an amazing preocess it makes you an even more amazing person. The same went for your sister and your Mom when they were pregnant so I am not being prejudice. LOL
I think ALL pregnant ladies are gorgeous they have that "glow" that amazing "glow" about them. I miss our walks, and will miss that glow but will enjoy holding yours and Dans "little bean" when the time comes. Love you kiddo. 8)

TheConrads said...

So funny! I have to say that I think you captured every "I will miss" in both categories for almost every mommy in the US. Well done!