Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer bus camping

This past weekend Dan and I took the bus out the road in an attempt to go camping. We didn't think about the fact that the only option you have for camping in a vehicle is the side of the road. At first we were okay with the idea and found a beautiful sunny spot around Sunshine cove. We parked the van, enjoyed the view, ate some snacks, talked a little and tried to take a nap. During that time car after car drove by and we realized this would be happening all night (it was friday night). I also thought about how I go pee at night a minimum of five times and well I didn't want to go pee outside on the side of the road five times that night. So we ultimately decided to go home and sleep in our own house. The idea was fun and maybe we will actually complete a whole night out there sometime.

the view
In other news I am around 8 weeks now and still feeling the morning sickness. So far I haven't actually thrown up but today was the closest I have come to it. Today was also the first time it hit me in the early part of work when it was busy. I think all the walking back and forth and talking etc... did me in. Every time a new customer pulled up to the window and I had to greet them I felt like I was going to throw up all over then the moment I spoke. I had a nutri-grain bar with me and quickly opened it and took a few bites, lucky for me it helped ease the sickness and I was able to make it threw the rest of work. Also one thing I have noticed is that I want fruit and it seems to make me feel better when I am not feeling so great.

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Sherrie Jo said...

And we can't help but laugh about the camping/peeing story also! This word is reconig. Oops, I didn't type it right, so the new word is endsins. END SINS???? good one