Thursday, June 24, 2010

scooters and motorcycles

This past Sunday was fathers day and we were blessed with good weather. It was clear and hot out. To celebrate fathers day and the good weather Dan and I took our motorcycles downtown to have lunch at the Hanger with the Roselle family. Its a 10 mile trip from our house. It was awesome, the air was so warm. It was the first time I had taken my scooter further than a couple of miles. Riding on a scooter next to a loud rumbling Harley makes me feel so cool! I bet a lot of people were wondering why the guy riding a super cool FAST bike is riding so slowly next to the girl on a scooter. But then thay probably figured he loves me and love makes you do silly things!

I hate that helmet, makes me look like I have a HUGE head. But it'll save my life and my brains if an accident were to happen so I am okay with looking a little silly.

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