Monday, June 7, 2010

Some people

Today at work I had a lady come and order a 16 oz. Mocha Chillichino (sugary powder that you mix with chocolate milk, ice and then blend). People normally get these with whipped cream so I asked her if she wanted any. She replied "No, I can't do sugar" I felt I needed to inform her of the sugar content in the drink she just ordered, but she left before I could let her know. Later a guy came and ordered a 20 oz. Mocha. Again, people normally get whipped cream on these drinks so I asked if he wanted any. He replied "No, I am lactose intolerant." I let him know that that Mocha was made with high fat chocolate milk, he stilled wanted the Mocha anyway but no whipped cream. Then to top today off with weird totally bizarre stupidity Dan and I were driving home from the store in our VW bus and a man cruised pass us on a bicycle and yelled at us "F Hippies" (he used the real word). Considering the VW bus is a vintage collectors car anyone could own it. I guess he is lucky we are pretty mellow people when it comes to things like that or he could have gotten a good beating yelling that at the wrong person.
HAHA, ok well I am done rambling about the three moments in my day where just weird and stupid.


Hannah Hosh said...

Stupid people are so entertaining sometimes!

Sherrie Jo said...

Mick and I are laughing at this. And, btw, where do they get these "word verification" words for leaving comments? They aren't really words, but sure seem like they could be. This one is brongs.

Delightfully Tacky said...

When I worked at a coffee shop I always laughed at people who would order huge mochas with a bunch of flavors but then would get non fat milk. Like that's the one part of the mocha that's going to make them fat. Haha. Ridiculous.