Friday, June 25, 2010

Mom to be

A fellow Juneauite featured yours truly on her blog in a series she is doing on moms and moms to be. Go here to check it out. Thanks Erin.


Anonymous said...

Was aa great article kiddo. I agree with Erin you will be a great "Rockstar Mom" Love Ya 8)

happy owl erin said...

your dad left the cutest (very similar) comment on my blog. Love when my dad stops by too.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Ull be a good Mommy plus your making me an Aunt so thats an added bonus. Lol. Loved the article.

Nazareth and Joy said...

ok. so i had no idea you were with child!!! praise the LORD! how awesome. im soo happy for you guys. i went back and read ALL your posts! haha. how exciting! hopefully naz and i will be next. haha. i hope your feeling better. and im so excited to read about your new adventure. congratulations friends.