Friday, December 30, 2011

week 48 and week 49

 My little lady is a few short weeks away from her first birthday.  Thinking of that makes me really sad but really happy all at the same time.  This past year has gone by so terrible fast I feel like I didn't have time to revel in the newness of her life as much as I had wished too.  Being sick for the first three months of her life definitely put a strain on me enjoying her in the beginning.  Trying to think back to the days of a cuddly sweet newborn are hard to remember, already.  Don't get me wrong, I do love her new big girl skills and her cute personality that shines so bright but I feel sad about how quickly it has all come.  When I was pregnant I was given some great advice by an old customer.  They said to me, "always be in the present, don't hope for the future or the past, just enjoy what is happen right now."  I need to keep reminding myself of this wise advice or I might find myself next year wondering how I missed everything again. 
Right now Ruby..
is a crawling machine
points at everything and says, "but?" (translation: what)
attempts to repeat the words you say when telling her what she is pointing at
claps and waves all the time, she'll even stop nursing to clap!
thinks Jack (the dog) is the best thing ever
loves socks, she crawls around never letting them go
loves to eat eggs for breakfast
thinks its the greatest thing to throw her eggs on the floor for Jack to eat
gets excited when she see snow on the ground
hates getting in the cold car
gives whoever comes into her room upon waking a sweet long hug
is super gentle
is still not a hair puller
likes to swipe glasses off peoples faces
still wakes up twice a night.


erin said...

so, so very sweet

Sherrie Jo said...

She makes my heart swell with love.