Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift wrapping

 One thing I love about Christmas is wrapping gifts.  
Ruby's Christmas gift came in the mail today, to refrain from giving it to her early I wrapped it right away.  Since I like wrapping gifts so much I decided to take pictures of my process with Ruby's gift.
 I wrapped the box with postal wrap then I made some "bakers twine" with embroidery floss.
 To make the "bakers twine" I took equal lengths red and white embroidery floss, taped it to a bench and twisted until I was satisfied with the way it looked.  I then took the twine and wrapped it around the wrapped gift.  I didn't just want to tie it so I took an old button and threaded it with the twine then tied a bow.  
 To mark the gift I took a pipe cleaner, shaped it into an "R" for Ruby and wrapped yarn around it. 
I think I like it!


MountainMama said...


judyloo said...

What a great idea! and all done with love =)

Jimmy and Sleg. said...

I enoyed watching the process, it shows your love for Ruby as well as your talents.