Monday, December 19, 2011

instagram v. 9

Ruby had a check up she weighed 19 pounds and was 27.5 inches - Ruby's Christmas gift

Ruby's gift wrapped - folding clean diapers and watching the Help


after work snuggles - Ruby's Christmas dress that is too big, but was way too cute not to buy

Ruby making a mess where I just cleaned one up - the night we got engaged (March 10, 2008)

a week after we met (March 17, 2007) - I finally have a clearing on my side of the bed

started reading this book - Ruby watching the tub fill with water

crawling down the hall - I successfully cut some paper snowflakes

mmm, sandwich - Ruby's first fruit bar thing

crazy bed head - playing with her motorcycle engine

organizing - made the Fiddlehead dressing

the best tacos - a super cold windy walk

Ruby loved the cold, windy walk

random things - blanching broccoli for freezing

mmm, broccoli - lunch

Santa! - work

work - a breakfast scramble for lunch

cutie pants - gettin' my sew on

she found the tree! - first scrambled eggs

a vintage look-and-learn hymn book - coffee from a sweet friend

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