Thursday, December 8, 2011

instagram v. 8

There are lots of photo's today because I am a huge slacker at posting things.  Lately I have not been motivated to blog anything even if its just pictures.  Normally if I feel like I have to do something it makes me want to do it even less, so that is why nothings been going on here lately. 
the little tree on the shelf - Ruby in my hamper

food pouches are the best - pomegranate

waiting in the car for friends - these strawberries look good but man o man they were bitter

Ruby likes to knock over the stacks of DVDs now - wearing her papa's bib

I was stuck at home with a borrowed broken car for 4 days - Ruby likes to check out and eat the shoes

Ruby also likes to scatter all her toys around the living room and kitchen - Ruby loves homemade juice

cutie pants - our sewing machine in broken so I had to sew these pants by hand

slowly getting somewhere on my project - steeming butternut squash for Ruby

getting her bum changed - the hand sewn pants are finally done

at work which was the first time in 4 days I was able to leave my house - the finished pants on Ruby!

front of finished pants - Ruby's always got something crazy going on with her hair

Avocado on pizza is the best - playing with her food instead of eating it

one of Ruby's favorite toys - some pretty weather

Ruby when she was a couple days old - playing with the drum in the living room 

playing with the drum again - put some more twinkle lights up

an old toy of Dan's - playing with Sassy

Sassy fed Ruby her dinner - I got a couch/project on freecycle

Ruby sick - we watched Jackson for a few hours


checking out her bible - Ruby stole one of her aunties donut holes

lots of cuddling for this sick little girl - she loves to stand

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