Thursday, December 15, 2011

week 46 and week 47

 week 46:
Ruby is getting around really well.  She has this "fast" crawl that is super cute, she doesn't really get anywhere fast she just moves her arms and legs fast.  Ruby also has some great gibber jabber, it consists of lots of whisper noises and some deep growling.  She also loves to point at things.

 week 47:
I have mixed feeling about stopping these pictures once she is one.  Ever since Ruby learned how to crawl taking these pictures has become such a chore.  She tries to crawl away and when I wrangle her back to the blanket she throws a fit.  Once she learns how to walk I know its game over.  I will miss these cute growth tracking photos.  Hopefully she will still let me take her monthly photo's without much protest.
 turning over to crawl away
 away she goes

some classic Ruby bed head!


Bruce said...

Thanks for the pics, I really like them.
Maybe it's time for the weekly shots to become more action pics.
Take them of her being her, but doing things and move-on from the blankie.
I enjoy them and would hate to see them stop so time to grow along with her.

Sherrie Jo said...

I'm too embarrassed to post my own bed-head photos, but they rival Rubies. These pictures sure make me smile!

Hannah Hosh said...

I love her bed head (and her) so much!