Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ruby and some of the outdoors!

 Her sitting up skills are getting better and better each day!
 She loves to suck and chomp on everything!
 cute little tootsies!
 Thursday Ruby and I took a short trek up Perseverance Trail (one of my favorites).  Sadly it started to pour rain on us, which we were not prepared for, so we turned around before we really wanted to.
 It was super green and lush where we did walk.
 We found lots of pretty flowers
 and cool moss covered rocks.

 Ruby loved looking out into the forest, sometimes I wish I could read her mind.


happy owl erin said...

fun!! I love that trail. :)

Dan said...

I love my little pork chop!

Justin said...

So cute! The picture of the leaves with the rain drops is great! Ruby is growing so fast... I'll miss her little hammock legs when she thins out!