Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memory Lane

 Today after church Ruby, my mom and I headed down to Patagonia.  When I lived in Arizona, years ago, Patagonia was the place I lived the longest and have the most memories of.  I lived there from the age of 5 until the age of 10, then we moved to Alaska.  
 The drive down was nice, definitely a different landscape compared to what I as used to.
 It took a little over an hour to arrive at the Patagonia city limits.
Once we reached town the memories started flooding in.  I have so many fun memories from this little tiny town in Southern Arizona. 
Here is the house we lived in, it looks so different from when we lived in it.  We had a pretty rose bush in the front with a white picket fence.  The two trees in the yard are new as is the fence and the awning over the front door.  The house is built on a cliff and has a second story built under what you see here.  It has a huge patio/porch/deck thing off the lower story in the back.  We drove to the street behind the house to get a picture of the back but it was super over grown with trees.  When we lived there the back was clear with nothing obstructing the beautiful view.  
Just up the small hill from the house was my elementary school.  I loved that school and have so many pleasant memories from there.  It was awesome being able to walk around the campus and reminisce. 

The gate into the campus
The main school house complete with an old style bell!  Third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade and art were in this building.  It had super high ceilings and creaky old wooden floors. 
The back of the main school house. 
This was where kindergarden, first grade and second grade met.  The ball court is between the main school house and this little one.
This is looking from outside the school gate down the hill towards our old house (you can see the house if you follow the sidewalk down)

 After exploring the school when went and drove around town, looking at old friends houses and playgrounds I use to play on.  This was city hall and behind it is three blocks of open grass with randoms trees, Amanda and I played here all the time. 
 This is the super tiny grocery store the town has, still the same from when I was living there.  
It was so cool going back there after 16 years.  I remembered it a little differently but I am sure its just from the small change that has happened over the years. 


DX5GP2LOTS said...

That brought back a lot of memories for me as well kiddo. Thank your Mom for taking you there for me. I am really happy you got to make that trip.

The school looks reamrkably the same, the train station (City Hall) has been repainted, and the store has new art work on front otherwise all the same.

Should have gotten the Homeplate, a lot of memories in that place. LOL

See ya when you guys get home. Missing you, bought Danno his last burger tonight LOL Love ya.

Dan said...

I love the mission style school house.