Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can't get enough of this cuteness...

 I know I am biased but Ruby is the cutest little girl on this planet!
(lots of cute pictures in this post)
this one is just funny

chewing on Zoey (Dan named this toy)

licking her fists

more chewing on Zoey

dropping Zoey

most people don't have this much eyebrow control, I am so proud of my little girl

thinking it funny that I am trying to get a picture of her big bum

her big bum


more fist sucking



Jess said...

Ruby is so darn cute! All the expressions she makes are amazing! Love the eyebrow thing and the suspicious side looking picture! =)

Dan said...

OK you win, she's the cutest!

Joy LaMay said...

yes. those eyebrows rule! so cute.