Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Tucson!

Its going to be even hotter...
Thankfully Ruby doesn't really seem to mind the heat much!
 sweet baby toes
Surprisingly beautifully flowers manage to grow and bloom even without rain.
 The three of us went up "A" mountain (its got a big A on it) last night in hopes of getting a gorgeous picture of the sunset, sadly after taking about five picture my battery died.  Luckily I brought the charger so we can try for a sunset picture again!
 South Tucson covered in smoke from the surrounding fires
Cactus, duh.
the little lady and I


Dan said...

Great pictures Misses. I love and miss you guys!

LRC said...

Arizona looks so pretty! So sad about the fires :( I hope you're having a lovely time.

Sherrie Jo said...

Whoa that hot! Well enjoy the sun anyway. Hugs and kisses to our little Ruby. xo