Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Paper Mama Photo Competition: Your Best Shot!

I have decided to enter my first photo competition over on The Paper Mama blog.  If you're not familiar with Paper Mama, she has a blog where she posts photography and photo challenges.
This particular competition is titled "Your Best Shot" and is supposed to be your best shot you have taken of your kid(s).  It was super hard to select just one but with the help of my husband we narrowed it down to this one and think its the BEST.
This photo defiantly lets Ruby's personality shine through, she is one silly little girl!
The Paper Mama 


Chelsea said...

this is so sweet!

happy owl erin said...

Haha! Cute!!! Good luck :)

Tara said...

ooh I love that face!

Joy LaMay said...

gosh... i don't think i could have chosen... you have SO many awesome and perfect photos of her... but this one is no exception.

Lisa said...