Thursday, February 24, 2011

all smiles

 Yesterday Ruby and I went over to Hannah's house for a visit.
 Its nice going over there and getting out of my house.  Ruby likes it too, she gets lots of love from her aunty and her littlest cousin Felix! (her old cousin Asher just ignores her, ha!)
 On our visit yesterday Ruby was all full of smiles and Hannah managed to get these pictures of her.  I love them and couldn't narrow down which ones I wanted to share so I put them all on here. 


Dan said...

I love em' I love em' I love em'.

That just made my day!

Joy LaMay said...

seriously... one of the things i'm looking forward to the most. is how babies always smile and laugh with mom the most. i know my nephews think im great and all.. but the way they laugh and smile with mom is the best. and you can totally see that with these pictures. her little smile is just awesome!

Sherrie Jo said...

Ah, my melting heart.

happy owl erin said...

so seriously adorable!!!

samarah said...

oh my, how adorable is that??!! she is so sweet!