Sunday, February 27, 2011

Loved breastfeeding products...

5 week old Ruby!
Products I loved and couldn't live without for breastfeeding in the first 5 weeks. 

  • Boppy/Nursing Pillow:  I have a long torso and found that if I nursed without this pillow my arms would get dead tired from holding Ruby up.  The boppy pillow positioned Ruby right where I needed her and spared my arms the ache.  With the pillow supporting Ruby my arms were now free to cuddle her and caress her head.  I mainly use it for nursing Ruby at night in bed.  With the support and positioning it provides Ruby is able to barely wake up and start nursing and drift quickly back to sleep.  Also I am able to nurse her and rest at the same time!
  • Lansinoh HPA Lanolin:  Oh the soreness that comes with beginning to breastfeed.  This stuff is a nipple saver.  I didn't have it for the first few days and seriously wish I did.  My nipples got so sore I couldn't even bare a thin soft cotton t-shirt touching them.  Also the first shower I took after starting to breastfeed was absolutely horrible.  This stuff is thick and protecting, it moisturizes your nipples and protects them at the same time.  Put it on before you get in the shower, it makes a HUGE difference.  Don't breastfeed without this stuff. 
  • Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads:  These are hands down the best.  There are other cheaper brands out there but they don't even compare.  These soak up any leaks and keep you amazingly dry, which help with soreness, without soaking through to your clothes.  I didn't change them because I had to I only did it because it seemed like the right thing to do.  They are also made of really soft cotton so they are not itchy at all.  I was thinking of using cloth nursing pad at first.  Then I read that cloth nursing pads just get wet and stay wet and also soak through to your clothes right away.
  • Bravado! Nursing bras:  Being a busty nursing mom I need good support and easy access.  These bra's are the best at providing me with just that.  I have tried other cheaper brands but they just don't have the same comfort, support and access as these do.  
  • Glider:  A glider is the perfect chair to nurse and rock in.  Gliders take less energy to make go and stay going.  They also provide an even rock which makes Ruby calm down and nurse much quicker when she is upset than anything else.  I have both a rocking chair and glider and the glider is my number one choice when I need to rock Ruby.  
Next time Ill share my favorite products for baby!

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happy owl erin said...

yup, pretty much a must for all nursing mamas! glad everything is going so well. hugs.