Friday, February 11, 2011

Little piglet!

Yesterday Ruby and I went to the birth center for a check up and they weighed her.  She is now a hefty 8 pounds 12 ounces.

Blanket by Baby Chai via HauteLook
My sister-in-law kindly uploaded all of Ruby's birth photo's to my external hard drive.  I looked at them the other day for the first time since Ruby was born.  Looking at the photo's gave me a new perspective on the whole labor and birth.  Pretty AMAZING.  Someday I will form together a birth story.

Fun Ruby fact:  She waits to poop until you take her diaper off!  I got pooped on today.


Beryl ❤ Lynn said...

ahh she's so cute! congrats!

Chelsea said...

aw, so so precious. i love the sheets & stuffed animal. so adorable.

Tristan and Adam said...

congrats! she's adorable and those sheets are perfect!

Dan said...

Second picture down..I just wanna eat her she is so cute!! just kidding, I wont really eat her.