Friday, March 19, 2010


For those of you that don't know I slang coffee in the busiest drive-up coffee stand in town. I have worked there nearly four years and have developed a pretty good relationship with a majority of my customers. Around 85% of them are returning customers with a few strangers here and there. Sadly, what has been created is a plethora of super high maintenance customers that think they are made of gold. Most days this is O.K. but some days it is just LAME. They expect things a certain way and if they are not that certain way they get their panties in a bunch. Today a few things happen out of the ordinary. The milk machine failed and unloaded tons of water all over the floor. So for about an hour I couldn't make anything using milk, which is nearly everything. I had to wait for our service guy to bring new milk machines and hook them up. I had some very disappointed non-caffeinated customers I turned away.
Before I started turning customers away I used up what milk I had. One particular customers I like to refer to as the "dirty mega mocha guy" happen to be a recipient of the last bit of milk. He had expected to have a coupon for a "free" coffee but, nope, he didn't have one. I informed him of not having a coupon and he gave attitude, rolled his eyes and acted like I was inconveniencing him because he had to pay. I called him on his attitude and let him know it was uncalled for. Once he finally paid and he received 33 cents in change. On his way out he threw his change at the side of the booth. Ha. He showed me.
Anyway the rest of the day the service guy was there crawling and climbing around trying to get everything working properly. Meanwhile all my high maintenance customers approached the windows with snooty looks and rude comments. I love my job, most days!!!

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Anonymous said...

Everyone is nice to me at work or at least pretends to be. The advantage of wearing a gun and a badge LOL
The good things about days like this is it makes tomorrow worth looking forward to.