Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It felt like SPRING today!

Some would probably be surprised to hear me say "I am glad its almost spring". With how much I love winter I normally never wish for spring, but this winter has been sadly disappointing for me. I am ready to move on! Today the sun came out and the air was chilly, the first sign of spring. I took Jack out to Auke Rec. and let him run around and roll in the dirt.

Almost Springtime!DAlmost SpringtimeSCN4718Almost Springtime
It was kinda stormy out at Auke Rec. but the air was pleasant. Jack ran around and rolled in a million different spots, he was having a ball. I sat on a huge rock and enjoyed the scenery. Out in the water I saw, what I think was, a seal but I think it might have been too big to be a seal. Anyway, whatever it was was having a ball out there popping up out of the water looking around and then quickly diving back under. He was too fast to get captured by my camera, but at least he was a treat for me to see.
Once Jack was covered in dry leaves and dirt we came home and opened all the curtains to let the sunshine in! I love our new place, it has so many windows. Our old place was so dark. I am looking forward to the summer here.
Since the sun was shining in so beautifully I gathered some fabric together and made some bow's for my hair. It is something I have been wanting to do, but just haven't out of pure laziness. I saw a small tutorial on A Beautiful Mess a while back that inspired me to make them. I think they turned out pretty cute.
Handmade GoodnessHandmade GoodnessHandmade Goodness
Handmade GoodnessHandmade Goodness

Almost Springtime

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:) erin said...

your new header is adorable. quite the st. patty's day outfit you have. i blogged about something right up your alley today :)